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Midnight in Paris Movie Tour – English

12 mars / 17 h 0019 h 00

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Districts like the Latin Quarter are places where the pleasure of strolling comes with the joy to rediscover the location of our favorite movies. By showing you pictures and film clips on a tablet, Ciné-Balade’s walking tours offer you to cross the mirror and to talk about cinema while learning about the history of Paris, discovering hidden places and maybe finding an unknown French or American movie to watch.

Welcome in the Paris of the 20s, Woody Allen’s and the Lost Generation’s. Just like Gil in the movie, you will be travelling time and meet mythical writers and artists who found in those time a new home in Paris. In the Latin quarter, one of the most frequently shot in Paris, find back the locations and breath the magic and the whim of the New York director.

You can choose to complete the tour with a screening organized by Lost in Frenchlation at the Luminor cinema. More information on their website.


Date :
12 mars
Heure :
17 h 00 – 19 h 00
Prix :
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Sortie du métro Odéon
97 Boulevard Saint-Germain
Paris, 75006


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+33 (0) 6 37 24 49 75