Cine-Balade Summer partner of the Luminor movie theater


There are many ways to discover Paris. Every corner of the city is full of memories, history and beauty. You can discover Paris through walking, and sightseeing, but we offer you this unique possibility to discover Paris the other way round: through cinema. Is there any better way to portray the City of Light than through the art of light?

Many filmmakers draw their inspiration from Paris, French one but also foreigners contributed to make of this particular city an iconic figure of cinema and a symbol of love, fashion, and of French art de vivre. Let us quote Gil Pender at the beginning of Midnight in Paris“There’s no city like this in the world. There never was.”

And these films are of course all shown in English !

In association with the movie theater Luminor and as part of its event « Paris, the city of the cinema », Ciné-Balade offers english tours along with the screenings of Midnight in Paris, Amelie from Montmartre or Hugo. Other great parisian movies will be presented during this cycle in the historical movie theater.

Midnight in Paris :
Showings : 21 Juil 14h, 2 Aug 21h30, 22 Aug 18h
Cine tours : 21 Juil 17h30, 23 Juil 10h30, 2 Aug 10h30 & 17h30, 22 Aug 15h & 21h30

Amelie from Montmartre :
Showings : 29 Juil & 15 Aug 18h
Cine tours : 29 Juil 15h, 30 Juil 10h30, 15 Aug 15h, 16 Aug 10h30

Hugo Cabret :
Showings : 11 Aug 14h
Cine tours : 11 Aug 16h30, 12 Aug 14h

We will find the entire programmation of the Luminor by following  this link and by watching the video.